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Laila Ntim Perfume Potions
Laila Ntim Bespoke Perfume Potions

High-Perfumery Collection


Laila Ntim operates as a "Perfume Genie" to grant all your fragrance wishes in the form of exquisite Eau de Parfum & Extrait de Parfum treasures. These Signature Scents are specially designed to teleport your psyche into sensory bliss with a unique range of scent profiles and infusions as follows...

The Perfume Genie process begins with a Bespoke Potion Consultation, where you are teleported through an abundant range of exotic scent options to capture your fragrance aura... which is then fine-tuned into your exclusive Signature Scent.


This bespoke service is further enhanced with your personalised Parfum Potion Biography, to illustrate the poetic vision and exotic raw materials within your fragrance composition.

Contact Laila Ntim to set up your Bespoke Perfume Consultation and explore her unique range of fragrance experiences...

Laila Ntim Perfume Potions
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