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Laila Ntim Bespoke Perfume Potions

Magick Masterclass & Retreat

Laila Ntim Potions offers a comprehensive Perfume Concierge Service... and in addition to creating exquisite perfume potions, Laila Ntim offers these 2 Spiritual Potion masterclass experiences:

1) Potion Enchantment Masterclass (half-day)

2) Spiritual Fragrance Retreat (full-day)

Laila Ntim will either host your intimate olfactory experience from the comfort of your own residence, or from an exclusive retreat space. The experience is specially curated as an olfactory portal for you to embody the best version of yourself.


Laila combines your Manifestation/Alchemy Perfume Potion with a personalised set of Inner-Work courses, Spiritual Readings + Wellness Rituals to guide you into embodying your most evolved self through the magic of bespoke scent. This olfactory portal will ensure that both your Physical + Metaphysical bodies "smell" enchanting, whilst you seamlessly align with your soul purpose to attract your heart's desires.

Laila Ntim welcomes you to sign-up for your desired experience by filling out the form below, and she will be in touch to cater to you...

Masterclass/Retreat Form
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Thank you... The Perfume Genie will be in touch to cater to you shortly...

The psychology behind this one-of-a-kind masterclass/retreat concept is that scent is processed in the olfactory cortex of the brain's limbic system, which is located next to the domain that processes/stores emotions and memories... This makes bespoke fragrance a powerful sensory tool for use as a catalyst to master your subconscious mind.

Get in Touch to learn more about Laila Ntim's magickal olfactory experiences...

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