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Laila Ntim Perfume Potions
Laila Ntim Bespoke Perfume Potions

Laila Ntim ~ The Perfume Genie

Laila Ntim Potions was founded to offer a mystical experience where The Art of Perfumery meets Spiritual Magick. Laila Ntim pushes the boundaries of Luxury Fragrance by incorporating her intuitive gifts into her handcrafted perfume creations. 

Laila Ntim Potions was inspired by Ancient Egyptian Perfumery and their creation of the world's oldest perfume on record, Kyphi; which was used by Pharaohs for their Sacred Occult Rituals. Laila's purpose as a Bespoke Perfumer is to offer this ancient magic to her discerning clientele... who use her Perfume Potions as a daily ritual to ensure that both their Physical + Metaphysical Bodies 'smell' enchanting.

Laila Ntim Perfumer

Laila operates as a ‘Perfume Genie’ to grant her clients’ exotic fragrance wishes. Her potions are handcrafted with the world’s most preciously rare natural elixirs, and bottled with customised jewel aesthetics. She prides herself on travelling the world to source/hand-select the most exquisite raw materials from every obscure corner of the globe to guarantee unique parfum treasures.


Furthermore, this olfactory experience is amplified by her therapeutic Tarot, Astrology Chart & Angel Guide Readings, to provide holistic psychic insight and intuitive guidance. Laila's expertise is to combine her mastery of Artisan Perfumery with Occult Science, to encapsulate her clients' Aura through the Magic of Scent.

This unparalleled service is the world's 1st & only of it's kind, and provides a deeper purpose to perfumery... to ensure that you smell & feel enchanting from the inside out. Laila's bespoke sessions are unlike any other, as she pampers you with Exotic Scents & Spiritual Guidance... to embody the most empowered version of yourself whilst smelling divine.

In addition to designing her clientele's Cosmic Signature Scents, Laila also creates Interior Fragrances for Corporate Businesses to amplify their Sensory Brand Identity (property interiors, hospitality, members clubs, private jets, yachts, art galleries, showrooms, etc).

Laila Ntim's work appeals most to those who appreciate Authentic Craftsmanship, Superior Quality & Sensual Magic.

Get in Touch to experience Laila Ntim's realm of Olfactory Magick...

Laila Ntim Perfume Potions
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