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Laila Ntim Potions
Laila Ntim Bespoke Perfume Potions

Perfume Genie Concierge Service



Laila Ntim Potions was founded as an ode to Ancient Egyptian Perfumery and their creation of the world's oldest perfume on record, Kyphi, which was used for sacred rituals to honour their deities. Laila Ntim operates as a "Perfume Genie" to grant all your bespoke fragrance wishes in the form of exquisite artisan potions.

Laila Ntim Potions is a mystical Perfume Concierge Service, with a comprehensive offering of olfactory products & experiences as follows...

Laila Ntim, The Bespoke Perfumer, travels worldwide to offer customised Luxury Parfums, Tarot/Zodiac Readings & Spiritual Fragrance Experiences. Book your exclusive Perfume Concierge Session By Appointment in London, or from the comfort of your own Residence/Office (worldwide)...

Laila Ntim Potions
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