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Laila Ntim Perfume Potions
Laila Ntim Bespoke Perfume Potions

Potion Principles



Potion Philosophy

Laila Ntim Potions is committed to creating luxurious natural perfume elixirs that simultaneously heal the skin whilst smelling divine. Laila Ntim insists upon exclusively sourcing preciously rare ingredients from around the globe to create magically unique fragrance potions that cannot be replicated. Her raw ingredients are fairly traded, sustainable, non-GMO, vegan and animal-cruelty-free. She strictly does not use parabens, petroleum derivatives, or any of the other harmful toxic chemicals found in commercial fragrance products. Her goal is to keep your skin as naturally youthful as possible with detoxifying fragrance formulations that enable the skin to breathe on a cellular level. Laila Ntim's expertise is to provide individually handcrafted bespoke holistic products, and source her organic ingredients from an eclectic variety of exotic locations worldwide. You are invited you to browse through her Potion Ingredients for a more in-depth view of her exotic raw materials.


LNP Science

Epigenetics has taught us that the cellular damage in the skin/body that has been caused by genetic inheritance and daily environmental toxins can be reversed overtime with the use of natural products and an organic lifestyle. This is the foundation of Laila Ntim's desire to create health-focused fragrance formulations to holistically smell beautiful whilst pampering the skin. She combines wellness and luxury by designing magical fragrance elixirs with the world's most preciously healing materials.


Quality Guarantee

You can always trust that you are investing in a quality service and product at Laila Ntim Potions. Laila Ntim premium ingredients undergo a meticulous quality control procedure to ensure that they provide the best possible benefits to the skin. Laila strongly values her customers and guarantees to offer exceptional customer service whilst firmly standing by her policies and representing her products accurately.


Sale Agreement & Payment Policy

Laila Ntim Potions requires full payment on all perfumery products before delivery. Laila Ntim also offers a payment plan on bespoke products; which offers clients the flexibility to pay 75% of the total amount once the order is placed, and the 25% remainder once your custom order is ready for delivery. Due to the bespoke nature of the business, the Laila Ntim Potions sale agreement stipulates that once a full payment or deposit is made for a placed order, it is non-refundable. In the case of a paid deposit, you therefore agree to pay your invoice remainder and accept the goods you have ordered within the agreed time frame.


Returns & Exchange Policy

Due to the personalised nature of the business, Laila Ntim Potions does not offer refunds, and orders cannot be exchanged under any circumstances. In accordance with Laila Ntim Potions Terms & Conditions, a bespoke order cannot be altered once placed and paid for. In regards to order shipments, Laila Ntim strictly only uses traceable courier services, and will not be held accountable in the unlikely event that your goods get lost during shipment.



Laila Ntim products are for external use only, and skin testing is recommended prior to usage. The safe and proper use of Laila Ntim products are the sole responsibility of the user. Laila Ntim Potions does not assume any liability in the unlikely event of an adverse/allergic reaction to products.

Privacy Policy

Laila Ntim Potions genuinely value clients' privacy. Excellent and discreet customer service is guaranteed, without ever sharing your personal information with any third parties. All of your information is kept strictly confidential. 


Copyright Policy

This website is owned and operated by Laila Ntim Potions. Laila Ntim is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights and website content. The copying or modification of any of her website content is strictly prohibited.

Laila Ntim Perfume Potions
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