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Deluxe Candle Parlour



Laila Ntim Parfums invites you to indulge in our exquisite Deluxe Edition Candle Parlour... a world of opulently exotic candles, designed with the world's most preciously rare ingredients, and infused with precious 24K Gold, Crystal Jewels and Ancient Elixirs.

Our handcrafted Vegan Candles embody a unique blend of organic herb wax bases, which are meticulously infused with your Bespoke Candle Parfum. Your senses will be teleported into olfactory hedonism via the following range of decadent candle themes, which will be custom-bottled in Crystal Glass with Jewel Decor, and tailored to your precise Scent, Colour, Size and Shape specifications...


Contact Us to book your Bespoke Candle consultation to indulge in Olfactory Hedonism...

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