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Crystal Parfum Magick



Laila Ntim Parfums invites you to delve into our exquisite collection of precious Crystal and Jewel infused Perfume Potions, magically designed to enhance your frequency and cosmic point of attraction whilst teleporting your spirit into sensory bliss. We create a wide range of natural Made-to-Order Crystal & Jewel  infused Perfumes, Oil Elixirs, Magick Ritual Oils, Astrology & Tarot Potions, Candles, Bakhoor Incense, Oudh Attars, and any other metaphysical olfactory product upon request.


We offer an infinite range of Magical Crystal and Precious Gemstone options to be infused in your exquisitely fragranced jewel potion; with a selection of our most popular choices alphabetically listed below for your convenience...

Contact Us to book your Bespoke Crystal Jewel Potion consultation to experience our Olfactory Magic...

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